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Actually, I'm about done with my prototype involving the Adobe technology (Adobe XML/PDF Designer 6.0 used to create an Adobe XML Form, Adobe Document Server 6.0 used to render programatically a PDF based on some XML data and the XML template). The SAP ABAP side relies on development objects that are not released yet and are based on Web AS 6.20 and 6.40 (most likely being the platform for final delivery). If you're interested from an educational point of view, I cannot be a big help as the Adobe and SAP development tools and objects are not available yet for GA. GA release is scheduled for earlier next year at the best of my knowledge.

If you're interested because of an immediate need from a project, I would have to ask you to work on your patience again and stay tune for announcement when the4 technology and business model will hit the market.

Otherwise, It's really an interesting piece of technology to enable innovative business processes and interaction. From a development standpoint, it requires knowledge of the OO development in SAP. SMTP/HTTP/XML configuration/programming skills in Web AS are necessary to implement such process flow in SAP. And knowledge of the Adobe XML/PDF Designer is required (for those who knew the Jetform designer, it should be easier as it's based from this product).

Stay Tune!