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PDF! breaks the smartform characters into Box symbols

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Hello Everyone! I have a smartform which can be previewed correctly in "TR" language. The customer wants to download the final look into their own local pc after the preview so we suggested them to use "PDF!" to convert the smartform preview result into PDF result and save it to their local computer.

However, when I try to use PDF! on the smartform, it breaks some special TR letters into wierd boxes. I tried to find that it might be a printer language issue but I couldn't find anything wrong about that. Could you please kindly help? Thanks in advance!

Here is the true result with the first smartform preview;

Here is the wrong preview result after the PDF! applied on the above result;

So as you can see the capital "i" letter in TR language breaks into a box kind of symbol...

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When a character is not recognized, it's not a "printer language issue", it's a code page or font issue.


Hi Sandra,

Thanks for your suggestions. I have found a note which describes exactly the same issue I have right now; .
I will try to solve it from here, hopefully it will work .


Hi Hakan,

The note 625818 only relevant for non-Unicode system.
Pls check from System-Status if your system is Non-unicode,if it's Unicode system,pls refer to the note

Best Regards


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