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Pass multiple values to input parameter of oData service, based on Calculation View in CAPM project

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Hello Experts,

We have a oData service based on Calculation View with multiple parameters. All parameters are Single value parameters as of now and the services are working fine. But now the requirement is to change the parameters as multivalue parameters.

We have made the parameters with Multiple values checked. When running the select queries in SQL Console with multiple parameters, they are working fine. But we could not figure out on how to pass multiple values to the oData service.

Could you please correct if the syntax we are trying is wrong or any other way this should be done.

Here are the things we tried:




Working with single value parameter:

Not working with multi value parameters:

I have searched through blogs but most of the information was related to running select queries with multivalue parameters. But what we are looking is to have the multiple values passed for a parameter in oData service, especially for Fiori usecase.

Any help is appreciated..


Bhavyasri M

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