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Parallel Block Approvals - how to send recursive emails ONLY to those yet to approve?

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Hi All,

So I have requirement where I need to send recursive emails to approvers every 3 days until they have approved using deadline monitoring. This works, however, once one approver approvers, no more emails are sent.

I have achieved the deadline monitoring by setting the latestend outcome to Modeled, which gives another branch on the approval task. I have inserted an email and dummy method with time delay of 3 days all inside a loop. The terminating condition on the loop is the approval task work item status = COMPLETED.

So if no one opens the item, the emails will be sent every 3 days. Perfect! However, if one approves, even though the status on the other approval tasks is READY, all loops evaluate to true and so completes all deadline loops. The approvers yet to approve will no longer receive the reminder emails.

I have tried creating a flag and set this on approve option and then check this in my deadline loop but the same thing happens.

Surely, it is possible to only send emails to those yet to approve?

Any ideas on how to only send deadline emails to those yet to action their item?

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Sorted! created a parameter on local container of parallel branch. Set this to X on approve and check this field in my loop. yes!

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