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PAL error[73001570]: $ERROR$. unsupported timestamp type, only support TIMESTAMP, SECONDDATE, DATE

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Good day everyone,

I am trying to run _SYS_AFL.PAL_MASSIVE_ADDITIVE_MODEL_ANALYSIS by calling it from a method in AMDP Class and encountered an error message as given in the question title.

According to the documentation from SAP: ( Link) the calling of this function requires:

<HOLIDAY table> can be NULL

<PARAMETER table> does not have any field with type TIMESTAMP/DATE or SECONDDATE

--> Problem must come from <DATA table>

In my AMDP Class, the method is as followed:

CALL _sys_afl.pal_massive_additive_model_analysis( :it_data, :it_holiday, :it_params, et_model, et_error_msg);

  • The INPUT Table: it_data TYPE tt_data
TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_data,<br>             
group_id TYPE c LENGTH 60,             
tmstmp   TYPE c LENGTH 30,
y        TYPE float,
END OF ty_data,

tt_data TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ty_data.
  • it_data selects data from a database table which look like this
define table ztb_fc_ama_ts {
key mandt      : mandt not null;
key id         : id not null;
key tmstmp     : timestamp not null;
amount         : zfc_kennzahl; }
  • At SELECT, the timestamp from SAP Type TIMESTAMP (ztb_fc_ama_ts-tmstmp) is converted to SQL Type SECONDDATE and stored as TYPE c LENGTH 30 (ty_data-tmstmp)
it_data = SELECT
           id AS group_id,
           CAST (tmstmp AS SECONDDATE ) AS tmstmp,
           amount AS y
FROM ztb_fc_ama_ts
  • From the Debugging, it seems to be successfully converted

However, in the end, PAL still returns this error (in the OUTPUT Table <ErrorMsgTBL table> )

Can someone please help to shed a light into the cause and solution to this problem?

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