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OSDB Migration (UC conversion) - TOC files missing tables

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Strange issue - R3load/MIGMON export completed successfully (no err or xeq states left in TSK files and export state file confirms AOK)
However upon starting import to target realised that TOC files (about 75% of them) do not contain the tables for that package (though they are all listed in the STR files).

I think this is likely either a bug in the R3load program or a corruption due to writing to NFS.

Has anyone seen similar?

"empty" TOC files look like this instead of having loads of tables listed:

There are several SAP notes on R3load not picking up an error writing TOC files in old versions (doesn't apply - we have new 742 kernel and also it DID pick up an error at import (though not at export when creating TOC files))

Also notes on format issues with TOC files - but again doesn't apply as in those notes the TOC still contains all the tables.

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Did you find a solution to this other than repeating the export?

We experience the same error and had some issues with the filesystem where the export files were written to during the export. But sapinst restarted after the filesystem issue and reported no errors, only export successfully completed in the end.

When importing we get errors about tables not found in the TOC file.

KInd regards

Sveinung Ryland

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Note these warnings... though I don't consider them likely to be the cause currently...

(RDI) WARNING: /exports/SID/DATA/SAPPOOL.STR: cannot find version token "ver:" at line 1

(RDI) WARNING: /exports/SID/DATA/SAPPOOL.STR: unknown file format, assuming version 2