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ORDR.DocNum shows fine in Crystal preview but not after import into B1

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I have a A/R Down Payment Invoice crystal report in which I have linked DPI1.BaseEntry = ORDR.DocEntry (LEFT INNER JOIN) so I can show ORDR.DocNum on the Page header of my report. When I preview the report in Crystal everything works fine:

When I import the form into SAP B1 and attempt to preview the form however, nothing appears in this field:

Has anyone ever seen something like this before?

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Answers (1)

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Can you share your query / all table links?

The usual links for marketing documents should always be lines to lines (although yours should display data fine for header) so in your case it should be:

RDR1.DocEntry -> DPI1.BaseEntry

RDR1.LineNum -> DPI1.BaseLine

RDR1.ObjType -> DPI1.BaseType

Also are you sure that externally crystal reports is pointed to the same database in b1?