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Oracle 11g upgrade issue

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Dear Friends,

We are running oracle and HP-UX 11i v3. We have upgraded oracle 11g. Upgrade has completed successfully and after that We have installed the Oracle 11g client.

Now we are trying to execute command sqlplus "/ as sysdba" but it is giving the error message as below.

jkepdvr:oraepd 1> sqlplus "/ as sysdba"

/usr/lib/hpux64/ Unable to find library ''.



Ganesh Datt Tiwari

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Answers (5)

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There is a similar thread on

You seem to have the same HP-UX version, it might help along with the other Colleagues hints.

Best Regards


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Hello Ganesh,

Is issue still persist at your end? if yes then please check the permission of the oracle binary.

Oracle binary permissions should be set as per the note 583861.

Best Regards,


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Hi Tiwari

1) Check the DB Services*

My Computer ( right click ) manage -> Services and Applications -> Services ->( check all the Oracle services [ Status / Start up Type].

2) Run -> CMD -> C:> R3trans -d ( showing some error code [000/ 004/ 0012]

3) Run -> CMD -> more trans.log ( showing some Ora Errors find out )

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Hi Tiwari,

There might be several reasons to cause this problem.

At the first step make sure that you installed HP-UX 11i V3 patch Bundle Sep/ 2008 (B.11.31.0809.326a) or higher (Part Number E10851-01).

Secondly, check you added "/oracle/<DBSID>/112_64/bin" to "PATH" env

If they are not work, let's continue step by step.

Best regards,

Orkun Gedik

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Hi Ganesh,

Are you able to execute the same command with the ora<sid> user . If

yes then could you please check if the environment variables for the

<sid> adm has been set properly .

Please refer the below notes -:

Note 96858: Environment variables (UNIX)

Note 602843 : Environment settings for R/3/Oracle on UNIX

If the issue is not solved please provide these outputs

Log in as <SID>adm user and please provide me the output of the

following -:


env > environment_var_SID_ADM.txt

Again log in as ORA<SID> user and do the same -:


env > environment_var_ORA_SID.txt

Please upload both the files to the message-:



These files would be located in the present working directory from

where the env command was executed.

The permission of sqlplus -:

ls -lrt $ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus

With the <SID>adm user , check the following command -:

ls -alt $ORACLE_HOME/lib

Do you encounter any permission issue ?

Please upload the output of the following commands executed as <sid>adm

to this message:

- cat /etc/group

- cat /etc/passwd

- ls -ltr $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle

- ldd /usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/

I hope it helps.