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OpenText VIM: Invoice Approval Process - Additional approval level before Requester

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I am currently engaged in enhancing our OpenText VIM: Invoice Approval Process. I'm seeking your guidance on incorporating an additional approval level specifically for tax-related matters before routing the invoice to the requester and the subsequent approver.

The purpose is to notify the Tax team that an invoice is posted with Tax amount greater than 10K and they can review and put their comments and send back to AP on the action to be taken, Currently these invoices are manually sent to Tax team for their review and approval.

Current WF Process:

Coder -> Requester -> Approver

Proposed WF Process: Coder -> Tax Approver -> Requester -> Approver

I would greatly appreciate your insights and suggestions on how best to achieve this modification within our SAP system. Any guidance or recommended steps would be immensely helpful in implementing this change effectively.

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