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Open SAP Logon Dialog external in the NWBC - no link

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I like to open a SAP System with the native SAP GUI in the NWBC 6.0

Something like the sapshcut.exe

sapgui.exe /SHORTCUT="–maxgui -sid=XYZ -clt=123 “


sapshcut -system=AAE -client=100 –maxgui

Important - It is not possible to use the “sap-nwbc://” link Can someone please help?


Some background information:

We are a SAP Partner and we manage several thousand SAP systems. It is not possible to handle this in the SAPUILandscape.xml, so we use an external Program that call/open SAP GUI. Now I like to switch from SAPGUI to SAP Business Client and not every system has a configured NWBC-Service.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Peter,

this is something which can be changed or influenced via installer.

There is an option where you can decide that the SAP GUI Desktop Icon is not used any more and the shortcuts are mapped to the SAP Business Client.

Maybe you have installed both clients with different (single) installers, but there exists also an installer for both side by side

and then the default is that SAP Business Client is the top most client which is used for all connections (SAP Logon + SAP BC) and that

SAP Business Client also handles the SAP shortcuts to open native GUI systems directly in SAP BC.

I just want to explain that this is already implemented and a standard feature since NWBC 5.0 and SAP GUI 7.40.

Best Regards,


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Thx now I can use nwbc.exe /SHORTCUT="–maxgui -sid=XYZ -clt=123 etc....

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