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Open ODS on InfoSource: Missing Field from Composite Provider DataSource


Hello, this is a very specific question but maybe someone can help.

I'm using a Composite Provider as a DataSource so I can use an OpenODS View on top of an InfoSource that is based on the DataSource.

The Composite Provider contains a calculated field. Whenever I debug the tansformation, those calculated fields are not transferred. They're empty. If I copy the transformation and run a DTP that writes to an DSO, all values are passed over and I can see the values from the calculated Composite Provider fields.

My assumption: The evaluation of SQLScript fields in the Composite Provider somehow takes place after the values have been passed to the transformation. Does someone know?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Found the solution I think: The query didn't contain those fields. So internally, they're marked as "not relevant" in a field list table and therefore not processed. Once you add them to the query, they'll be transferred. Btw: When using a Query based on an openODSview that is based on a transformation/infosource, compression takes place before the transformation. I.e. records are compressed according to "relevant fields".

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