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OOM: Association Role Name Errors/ Warnings

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I am reviewing a Class Diagram in an OOM. The validation checks I ran revealed several warnings of 'Role name of association is not assigned' and one error of 'Role name of association is already used'.

I know the way to resolve these is to assign a role name for the association role (for the warnings) and change the name of the duplicate role (for the error) respectively.

What is confusing is if I open one of these associations and check the Detail tab under its Properties, the Role name (the Name of the function of the class as viewed by the opposite class) is null for both Classes. In fact, for all the associations in this model - including the ones not flagged in the validation checks - these Role names are null.

Am I looking in the wrong place in the model to resolve this?


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Hi Antony,

You are in the correct place. The Detail tab of the Association is the correct location to enter the Role Name.

Here are my thoughts on the behavior:

When I review the PD Help, the Role Name decsription states that it is the 'name of the function of the class...'. Since this value will always be 'user-defined', PD does not populate the attribute with a default value. If my target XOL is analysis, I can understand leaving this check as a warning. However, if my target langiage is JAVA, I would probably change teh flag to error because code will be generated using the value in Role Name.



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Can anybody shed any light on this? Else I'll be forced to raise a call with SAP Support, which is my last resort...