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Offline Adobe Upload Scenario: no server request

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Hello Experts,

We have following sceanrio:

1) FileUpload UI element ('data' property bound to xstring context attribute 'PDFSOURCE')

2) Interactive Form UI element (pdfSource bound to 'PDFSOURCE' context attribute, dataSource bound to appropriate context node, templateSource set to the name of the form, displayType - 'native')

3) Button with empty action handler ('Upload')

4) Form is ZCI form

5) Server is SPS13, 1055738 is applied

The problem is that when we select the file and click on the button, running wheel appears and stays forever. Using HTTPWatch we found that no POST request is sent to server after button click.

When we set enabled property to 'false' or visible to 'none' on Interactive Form UI Element we can see POST request with file content sent to the server.

Any idea how to fix or workaround that situation?

Thank you!

Best regards, Maksim Rashchynski.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Developer Advocate
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The form is ZCI - does it have the Web Dynpro Script inserted into the form?

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