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ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server w/ 'Force Encrytpion' Option in SQL Server configuration

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We've tried using ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server with crystal redistributable SP35 [and earlier] and when we have 'Force Encrytpion' set to 'YES' on a SQL Server's configuration... any reports that run, run extremely slow [like a matter of minutes].

If we set 'Force Encryption' to 'NO', they complete in a matter of seconds.

I cannot find any other people with these issues, ODBC 18 has been out for a few years now - is there anybody else who has had this issue [or figured out how to make it work]?

PS you can't use ODBC Driver 18 from the designer either, we've found we have to use the 'wire' driver instead, as if the connection from the designer is using ODBC 18, it throws massive issues when trying to 'update data source' within the report.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I just tested in a new CR designer 2020 (CR202004P_100-70005715) and don't seem to have the issues as in the previous SP & patch. i.e. I am able to set a report based on a stored proc from ODBC 17 to ODBC 18...note this was done via 2 different DSNs.

I am also able to use Database > Verify Database on a newly created ODBC 18 report, without the stored proc being removed from the report...previously there was an error saying that it could not be found. As mentioned this is in the CR designer, latest SP 4 & patch 100.

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