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OAuth2SAMLBearerAssertion configuration for cnsuming Azure Node APIs from SCP

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I have a frontend application running on SCP Neo which consumes REST APIs from an Azure Node app. To implement SSO we have connected SCP sub-account to a SAML IdP (Azure AD). Azure Node app is also connected to the same IdP using OpenID. We are looking to implement OAuth2SAMLBearerAssertion flow and make use of the SCP destinations so that once user logs into the SCP web app, they can call the Node APIs and Node server will know which user has made a request.

The examples for such a destination in official documentation are given for C4 and S4 systems only where we can see which values to put in the destination configuration. Reference link.

Can someone please help with any insight what should be the correct approach for such an integration scenario. We don't want to use Implicit flow as it will mean maintaining confidential information on the client side. We don't have a server side on SCP.

SCP destination with OAuth2SAMLBearerAssertion authentication seems like a natural way to about it but I am not sure about what values to put in the fields.

Thank you,

Saurabh Agarwal

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