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NWDS Theme Editor - Enhancement proposals

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Product and Topic Expert
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Dear Theme Editor users,

Please use this thread exclusively to give your input on the following questions related to the Theme Editor in Netweaver Developer Studio:

- What is your experience working with the Theme Editor? How could user experience be improved?

- What are the pain points in the Theme Editor?

- What are the enhancements in Theme Editor that you think will benefit you the most?

Your input is highly appreciated!

You can download the theme editor from the following url.

In the same page, there is a how-to guide which describes the usage of theme editor.

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Answers (5)

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     I have some questions regarding the structure of the theme editor itself in terms of custom developments for this specific solution.

     After some investigation on How the theme editor works, we were able to see that it is based on a series of XML Structured Files (ParameterPool, DesignParts etc). So what we tried to do was modify this files manually (Add New Parameters, Change/Remove Some) to create a Proof of Concept that we can generate different stylesheets with this changes.

    We got the following problems i hope someone can help us with:

  1. When transporting themes generated from development to Production, the production system does not recognize the new parameters so the theme is rendered with SAP default parameters/values. Does this mean if we want to have custom parameters and still have a valid theme transport mechanism, we would have to change production system parameterpool aswell?
  2. How would these changes react to Theme Upgrades? i have seen there are some configuration files(upgrade60/70) that serve to upgrade parameters values/definition, would we have to define our parameters here instead of the parameterpool?

Thanks for any input on this topic, it probably might be unknown for most of the people using theme editor, but we would like to adapt this tool in order to give customers more flexibility to change custom .CSS

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Hi Raghuvira,

any updates regarding the theme version issues?

I have the same problems Mike mentioned above (theme version



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I like the concept of the stand-alone theme editor very much - being able to edit themes independent of the portal opens up a lot of options. Additionally, the fact that the tool is similar to the portal theme editor makes it easy to learn - and it tends to be much faster than doing it online in the portal. The tool itself is very nice.

One thing that is not very clear is the support around the tool. The link you give says Version 1. Does this mean the tool is now supported by SAP? There are a lot of old NW04s versions floating out there which are not "officially" supported.

Also the whole theme version compatibility is very frustrating. When I go to the WD_THEMES report, it says I have to use version or higher. However, the link you gave comes with version Therefore any theme I create is rejected by my ECC system. The WD_THEMES reports there are no themes currently uploaded (which is not true...the standard themes have to be there - and when I explore the MIME repository they are there, but with a lower version...urg!). I therefore have no way to create a theme at the proper version and upload it. The documentation is also all out-of-date - the one you link to is for NW04. This is very frustrating.

The tool is great, but if the community is to adopt the tool there has to be better support around it. Please fix so we can enjoy your hard work!



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i'm using NWDS Theme Editor since 2 days. The functionality given by Theme Editor is very useful and

well done.

But there is a huge problem with lightspeed rendering: if this is active, no modifications done by Theme Editor are

taking into account. So, currently it is not usable.

Is there any solution or work around for this?

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The page you are referring to covers the portal theme editor and the standalone editor for WD4A.

Is your question regarding both?

I have not worked with the portal theme editor.

A real pain of the standalone editor is that according to my understanding its generally not release able.

That means if we implement a new theme for the WD4A application we sell, we have to take too much care about the look and feel if a customer upgrades/updates its netweaver environment and potentially run into problems because the application does not run anymore - just because the Webdynpro/ABAP theme is not compatible with the new release. But such a solution is useless - even though it would be highly appreciated to give software developers more degrees of freedom to develop web applications that follow the branding of the software company and not the branding of the customer.

Anyhow, I appreciate these questions and hope you will share all the conclusions and decisions with us!