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NWBPM service interface pattern SAP PO 7.5 interface

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Hey All,

We have PO 7.5 and NWBPM accessing through NWDI. I have worked on ccBPM but NWBPM is new for me. I read few blogs regarding NWBPM and got an initial idea about it. The project which I joined already has NWBPM flows and I have been asked to work on a new interface which will be developed in PO 7.5 and involve NWBPM.

In ccBPM i remember we had abstract interface pattern for BPM. So let me take a simple example - ccBPM has a receive step through which sender system sends data to SAP PO through sender adapter in Outbound SI (Service interface) - then PO has a mapping for outbound SI to abstract SI for BPM interface - then processing happened in BPM - then output interface as an abstract interface at the second last step of BPM - then map the output abstract SI to Inbound SI of receiver system - then send step to send the Inbound SI to receiver system through receiver adapter.

So for NWBPM, what should be done - in PO 7.5 create an abstract interface? How that mapping from outbound SI to abstract SI in NWBPM done - do we need to do it if the sender interface is having the same msg type as the BPM abstract interface, then do we need to create a one-to-one mapping or the system automatically does it?

Any information here, thx.

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Hi Jack,

NWBPM support inbound, outbound and also abstract interface from 7.31 SP 9 onwards. Please check the below blog