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Not able to save the Workbook in Favorites

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Hello Experts,

I am not able to save the workbook in Favorites. While saving I am getting the following error message.

Runtime error 5240

Can not use node of type leaf as parent.

I was able to save the workbook till December 2010 but since January I am getting the error.

Can anyone guide me in this regards.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Refer the note 887002 for more information:

The note says that:

Errors caused by errors in the definition of Favorites/Role Menu structure

1.'Type mismatch' - frontend termination in Open Dialog accessing Favorites or Role Menu;

2.'Can not use leaf as parent' - frontend termination in Save Dialog during creation a reference to BW object in Favorites or Role Menu;

The possible reason for these terminations is inconsistent definition of the reference. The origin of the errors is located in the database tables SMEN_BUFFC (Favorites) and AGR_HIER (Roles).

The Favorites and Roles have the hierarchical structure in the corresponding database tables where the nodes of this hierarchy must be presented by the folders. Each object must have so-called parent object represented by the folders. If the parent object is not found in the database or is not a folder type (for example, another BW object), the tree can not be constructed. This causes one of the symptoms mentioned above depending upon the dialog type (Open/Save).

The same symptoms can also in the situation when OBJECT_ID of the parent object is duplicated within Favorites of a particular user of role within Role Menu of a particular Role. When the parent objects with the duplicated OBJECT_ID are folders, this does not cause any problem. But when one object is a folder and another duplicate has any other object type, this non-folder can be selected as a parent. This causes the terminations as described above.

Another possible error prerequisite happens when the leafs of this hierarchical structure are located on the not appropriated menu levels. The database tables contain the corresponding field MENU_LEVEL storing this information. If the MENU_LEVEL for the leaf is less or equal than MENU_LEVEL for the parent object, this may also cause the same errors.

In some seldom cases the described symptoms may also happen because of the wrong information contained in the table buffers. The tables SMEN_BUFFC and AGR_HIER are fully buffered and may contain wrong structure information. In such cases the table buffer can be reset by using the commands $TAB SMEN_BUFFC and $TAB AGR_HIER.


Anil Kumar Sharma .P

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