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No values in drop down when creating new parameter.

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to BOBJ and Crystal Reports and I'm just exploring these tools. I've installed BOBJ and Data Services and I've used those tools to pull the data into my SQL Server 2008 and create a Universe. Now I'm creating a report and I have a question about creating a parameter. When creating a parameter I've selected "New" in the "Choose a Data Source" section but when trying to add an item, there are not values in value drop down box.



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Check First Go to database Expert in that first check Links that u have made is correct or not

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This is my setup: I have a Universe for my data and created a connection in Crystal Reports using the Database Expert. With that connection I created a query which contains all of the fields in my universe.

I am able to create Query Filters within the Database Expert and they show up as Parameter fields in my report, but they are static. I want to create Dynamic prompts. I can't change them to Dynamic because again... there are no values in the drop down box when selecting a field to filter on.

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Hi Anthony,

List of Values for a Universe based report would show as static in Crystal Reports, however they can be made Dynamic at the backend.

First off, if you do not see the List of Values in the drop-down, it could because the dimension used for the Prompt has the 'Hierarchical Display' option checked in the Universe.

1. Open the Universe

2. Right click on the object and select "Object Properties..."

3. In the "Edit Properties ..." window, under the tab "Properties", uncheck the option "Hierarchical Display"

Similarly, if you would like the List of values to be dynamic check the option 'Automatic Refresh before use' and it is in the Object Properties tab.

Let me know how this goes!


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You can follow this workaround to create report level dynamic parameter through Crystal Report 2008

- Create a new report in Crystal Report.

- Choose the data source for the report as Universe.

- Select the appropriate Universe Source and choose the respective objects in the Query Panel into Result Objects.

- Just below Result Objects, there is a Query Filter and drag the fields into this pane on which the dynamic parameter is to be created.

- Also choose the operator type as Prompt and check the option "Select from list".

- you will see the dynamic parameter in crystal reports.

Hope this would help you.


Kuldeep G

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Thank you for your replies but the issue still persists.

@ Abhilash - I checked my Universe design and the Hierarchical Display box is unchecked. It looks like this is off by default. I still don't see any fields to pick from in the values drop down box.

@ Kuldeep - I've done this process but this results in a static parameter, not dynamic. When I do this the parameter shows up in the report but it is static.

There should be a way to do this in the from the design window right? What if I want to create a cascading parameter? There's no option to do this from the database expert.

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Try this step, this might help you.

Add an access restriction in the Universe

- In the Universe Designer, open your Universe

- Under the menu u201CToolsu201D, select u201CManage securityu2026 - Manage Access Restrictionsu2026u201D

- In the u201CManage Access Restrictionsu201D window, add a restriction for the users.

- Save the Universe and export the Universe to the repository

Note: This step is required for the List of Values to update. If you do not need to restrict values per users or group, create a restriction that doesnu2019t do anything and assign to the everyone group, so it will trigger the refresh regardless of who is login.

Save and export the Universe back to the repository.

Well in order to create a cascading list of values based of universe, you have to go to universe designer to create it. Crystal doesn't give you the option to create cascaded prompt. Tools->List of values->Create cascading list of values. It will open up a wizard and you can create cascaded list of values from the selected classes and objects.

Please let me know in case of any queries.


Kuldeep G