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no response for a very long time when install BI content

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I have setup the connection between BI and ERP system

and then I try to install bi content like 0customer use transaction RSA1

there must assign a source system

if i select ERP system,when i drop the info object or cube whatever to right for install,it will be a very long time there is no response (there is a message in status bar like‘ 664 new objects in level 004’,finally i have no idea to solve this problem.

anybody help me.

(if i dont select ERP system,just BI,it will be ok,but I cant active the transfer rule to ERP system,It will return error "transfer structure 0customer_xxxx not found"

PS:the resouce system test is ok,and the rfc connection is ok.

Edited by: Mingbo Ding on Dec 18, 2007 2:43 PM

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Answers (3)

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thanks for your helps

It seems is my network's problem.i try it next day and it be ok now.

thank you

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when you are installing the objects in bi content. weather it will leads to you an other screen. for some object installation it will lead to another screen. if it so there you can see a option called transfer all with out any dialog push button is there. select that one. it will the install object correctly. check with it.

hope this help you


harikrishna N

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Hi Mingbo,

Level here means the depth of the related hierarchy (objects that related to your selected object).

the taken time depend on the number of object in each level. sometime it could ask you to remote activate by remote logon into your SAP SourceSystem.

Maybe your physical resource for BI is to low. so you don't worry if it take you an hour to install.

To prevent "short dump" you can choose on object for each time of installation and grouping option is "Only Necessary objects".

BTW, at first you just need to install objects for your ERP sourcesystem. forget your BI source system.


Chuong Hoang