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No messages by perfoming a Function After Data Change - Web Interface Build

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Hey Xperts,

I have a problem to see messages, when I perform a Function via WEB - Function After Data Change.

You can select by costomizing a Subcomponent "Layout" that a Function can be performent by the feature "Function After Data Change".

But when I run the function there is no message in the message tray.

When I run the function via Button, there will come up a messages.

Is this a buk or a feature.

How can I see message by performing a Function After Data Change ?

Thanks for help.


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Hi Thomas,

the system works as designed. It would be a bit anoying if the success messages are always displayed. Therefore only errors are shown.

If you really need it, here's the modification:


*   PROCESS FUNCTION (after data set)
    if m_state-request-function = cb_true.
      l_function ?= if_upwb_c_layout2~get_function( ).
      if l_function is not initial.
*          i_show_success_msg = cb_false ).   "<<<DELETE
           i_show_success_msg = cb_true ).   "<<<INSERT
      m_state-request-function = cb_false.



SAP NetWeaver RIG

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Dear Marc,

First of all Thanks for your expert comments.

Coming to my problem, in a layout on web i have to raise some messages as soon as user input on that - infact if it is not relavant to object type.

For Ex:- i use a object which should be calculated but i forgot that i just saved and iam going to add one more line,immediately it should throw me error message to work on the earlier one.

How can i achieve this, This is an urgent issue..