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No logon required after anonymous logon has been used

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We are using SAP EnterprisePortal, and from there we have two different URL:s, one to access a BW report and the other to access a BW role menu.

In the BW system we have set up anonymous logon for SICF service BEx_ano but not for service BEx.

Link for the report is:


Link for the role menu is:


Both of these work, but there is however a big problem...

If the report URL is used first, no logon data is required when the other URL is used and the role menu for the anonymous user is opened. Instead we would of course always want users to have to logon with their own user-ids so that they can use all the reports that have been assigned to them. If the role menu URL is used first, logon data is required correctly.

Best regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sam

try this in your url "&sap-system-login-basic_auth=X".

Then always the logon-window should pop-up

Regards Jürgen

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