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Newly added table row disappearing when changing previous row

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Hi Community,

I have a sap.m.Table bound to an entityset in the GW via ODataModel V2. The table displays 3 rows with data from the backend. There is a functionality to add a new row by clicking an add row button in the Table toolbar.

For this I am using the createEntry method as shown in the code below when clicking on the button. This works fine and the entry (row 4) is shown in the table. I can then enter values in the fields for this row.

However, if I now change the data of any of the previous rows, this newly created row (row 4) disappears from the table and I can see only the 3 existing rows. The data for the 4th row is still available in the mChangedEntities of the model. Its just that the newly created row disappears.

Does anyone have a clue how to resolve this ?

Note: The new row is submitted later to the backend using submitChanges.

var oContext = oModel.createEntry("/ManualPostBondsSet", {
				properties : {
					BusinessPartnerID: this._bpId,
var oItem = this._getItemsTemplate(); // Pvt. method to retrieve the ColumnListItem template
var oTable = this.getView().byId(sTableId);
if(oTable) {
	oItem.setBindingContext(oContext, "modelName");
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Were you able to get a solution ?

Could you please share the a solution for the above issue, because I am facing same issue.

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Probably you've solved your issue by now or gave up, but I'm having the exactly same problem with no reasonable explanation...