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New to BSP

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I am newbie to BSP.My requirement goes here under.

We have a workflow set up for Travel management and the approvals will be done in Lotus Notes.

The proposed solution is as follows.

I need to develop a BSP page which will be called by Lotus (on click of button in Lotus Notes mail). Lotus will send 3 paramaters Personnel number, Trip number and a text (Approve, Reject or Revise) as a query string attached to the URL.

The values of these 3 parameters are passed to a FM to trigger back the Workflow and continue its process.

This is my first interaction with Web programming.

Can anyone explain as how to proceed?

Your response will be highly appreciated.



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Answers (2)

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> Can anyone explain as how to proceed?

Seriously consider to read some documentation first, and to look at some examples.

First recommending (required!) reading: <a href="/people/brian.mckellar/blog/2004/06/11/bsp-trouble-shooting-getting-help">BSP Trouble Shooting: Getting Help</a>

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Check out the some of the Weblogs on BSP's they will help with light on the subject:

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Hi Chenna,

if you are new to web programming, first you should take some time to get familiar with the basic concepts of it, to get an overview of the available technology.

Here are two links to the online help library:

<a href=""></a>

<a href=""></a>

Before you think about calling the page from Lotus or returning something, just focus on the BSP part itself, read the docus, do some tutorials.

Maybe also read through the BSP weblogs here on SDN - you will need some basic understanding of BSP first (see help links), but in the weblogs you can find a lot of specific problems being addressed and solved.