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New production system Build with system copy option

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We have live ERP landscape in UK since last 4 years, supports the globe except US. UK ERP systems are recently upgraded from ERP2005 to current rel. ECC6 EHP4 on NW7.01. US do not have SAP ERP systems yet. We are in global project implementation phase for HCM /ESS-MSS/.. and other modules in UK(global) and US. Target release is ECC6.0 EHP5 on NW7.01. Because of some business reasons, we need to have separate productive environment in US. Also we will be having common development environment (in UK), which will support both UK and US production landscapes. (!! yeah!! this is already decided)

US will be building ERP landscape by copying global template from UK (system copy) and then do localization. System builds with system copy option is okay for non-prod, but as per communication through OSS msg, SAP did not recommend to build productive environment with system copy.

i can think of 2 options:

1) fresh install of ECC6.0 EHP5 NW 7.01 and

2) system copy from UK.

Both of these options have pros and cons. like for example;

1) in Fresh install, we need to get repository objects (ABAP/DDIC) from global template (UK's ERP system). This includes custome developments, SAP notes, patches/SPAU adjustments etc etc.. Collecting these objects in transport copies and import into the freshly installed ERP system in US may not work because of DDIC structure differences.

2) In system copy option: Do config only client and then do old client deletion. But, we have challenge of identifying client independent Data for data cleancing/ adjustments.

I am leaning towards option 2, just because it is more cleaner than option 1. But, it is not recommended and also I did not seen any client going with this option in my last 12 years of Basis career. So, I am trying to pose this question to other Basis gurus

on the forum and get some advises, opinions and suggestions.

Appreciate your help,


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Hi Krishna,

Have you looked into TDMS (Test Data Migration Server) option?

This might help you in your senario.

Best regards,