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New Parameter JDBC URL in SAP HCP Neo

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Hi all,

I just noticed a new parameter JDBC URL in my HANA MDC (trial) database. In my case it is jdbc:sap://

Does this make life easier when connecting via JDBC? I am aware of using a database tunnel which is a little complicated.

When trying to use the new URL I get "Unknown host". I suspect there is a trick and can't find any documentation.

Thanks Klaus

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Did you find a way to add the JDBC URL to SAP WebIDE to use the HANA trial db.

Please let me know as I am looking for documentation with regards to that, but not able to find any.



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi klaus.freyburger,

As far as I know, domain is an internal domain which is not valid for the public internet.

To the best of my knowledge, only Hana Cloud and HaaS on Cloud Foundry can have a public address exposed on the internet.

Off-Topic: SCP Trial will be discontinued soon. So, if you must continue on Neo, you ought to use it in a productive Neo account. Otherwise, please start using CF Trial where you can easily run a HANA database with a public address.

Best regards,