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NearLine storage for BI 7.01

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Dear SAP Gurus

I am BI consultant and have a query regarding implementing NLS solution for our BI system ( Netweaver 7.0 ehp1 sps7 ) , our database runs on DB2 9.7 Fixpack 7 and Operating system is AIX 6.1 . Our basis team is helping us on this and has told us thet DB2 NLS can be implemented for the solution but not sure on  whether  any new hardware or licensing cost is involved . 

Basis team has forwarded us the notes 1405664 - DB6: Near-Line Storage Impl. (Supplementary Note) and an installation document from the service market place . we dont have any NLS experts here and have the following queries which our Basis team is rather not Sure

1 ) Whether NLS can be implemented with no additional support from IBM . 
2 ) Whether any special hardware or other IBM services are required for implementing the same. We are using POWER HA servers ( AIX 6.1 version )

3 ) All our SAP servers are running under DB6 LUW 9.7 version , is it just that we install a new server with 9.7 and do the post configuration as described in the installation document

4) Is there any specific SAP partners for implementing near line storage?

Thanks ,

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Hi Shakthi,

Please have a look at . From here you can find the document "How-To Guide Enabling SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Systems to Use IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows as Near-Line Storage (NLS)" which might give exactly the kind of information you are looking for.

Best regards,


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Missed to add the following points.

As per the following document ( pg 20 ) it says "A typical third Party NLS Solution is required "

Is there anything else which lies between the db2 software and our BI system which needs to be implemented with the help of IBM /or any other certified partner