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Navigated Webdynpro page not visible in EP

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Hi Experts,

1. I created a Webdynpro view1 and view2 in same WDP DC.

2. created a out plug from view1 to an in plug of view2 and linked it.

3. Application works fine in stand-alone webdynpro runtime environment and I am able to navigate to view2.

4. In EP I create a iView1 linked to view1

5. iView1 is included in Page1 which in Wokset1 and which in Role1

6. This Role1 is assigned to user1.

7. I open iView1 which correctly display me WDP view1.

8. I try to navigate now to WDP view2 by clicking the same button as i did in standalone WDP environment.

9. Nothing apears on Page1.

10. But i had put one message in WDP view1 in wdDoInit() and that appears.

I am wondering why does other elements like 10 row table, buttons etc are not appearing.

I am just making an internal webdynpro plug call and am expecting the called view to appear.

Any ideas please.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Jhansi,

I already have the WDP app integrated into EP environment. But the internal WDP plug from one view to another doesnt seem to display the called view.

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Hi Amit,

You can integrate your webdynpro java application in two ways.


  • Create iView in Content Admin

  • Create iview --> and select ->webdynpro Java application

  • search for your project.

  • select your application

  • fill all parameters like iview name,id


Thanks n Regards,

Jhansi Miryala