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Navbar_client_i5.jsp Vs Navbarfixed_client_ie5.jsp

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Hey everyone,

Just a quick question if anyone knows it. What is the difference (use wise by the portal) between Navbar_client_i5.jsp and Navbarfixed_client_ie5.jsp? I know the diff b/w client and just normal nav has to do with serverside vs client rendering but I do not know what the purpose specifically of the Fixed jsp files are?

Does anyone know?

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Hi Paco,

I don't have the answer, but please refrain from posting the same question on different boards, not a good behavior for your fellow forum users.

I deleted your other post.

Hope you understand, Mark.

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Not a problem, I wasn't sure what category this question fit into, maybe you should broaden your EP forums into more than just 2?!