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Nav attribut 0PSTNG_DATE not showing same variable liste as Infoobj in cube

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Hi all,

I have 0PSTNG_DATE as a field in a cube. I also have xxx__0PSTNG_DATE as a field in the same cube.

xxx__0PSTNG_DATE is a navigational attribute of another infoobject (xxx).

The problem is when I filtered on the variable in BEx for these 2 fields, the xxx__0PSTNG_DATE does not show the same variable liste as 0PSTNG_DATE.

xxx__0PSTNG_DATE variable liste is missing values such as Posting Key Date (0P_KEYD2).

Shouldn't I see the same liste since they are both coming from 0PSTNG_DATE?


Viet N.

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Answers (2)

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Please cross check the values in both the time chracteristics i.e. 0PSTNG_DATE and XXXX_PSTNG_DATE , if it has the same values then cross check the relationship which you have established .

What is the relationship of Posting Key Date (0P_KEYD2).



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I think you are not seeing the same value because one is associated with xxxx and the other is coming from posting date. How is Posting Key Date (0P_KEYD2) associated with posting date?