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name not found in FM read_text

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I m using FM read_text in my program.

According to Functional Spec i have to pass the fololwing parameters to the FM.

ID = 'Z001'.

Languange = 'EN'.

Object = 'BBP'.

and the name = concatenate '00' v_vbeln '0000' v_posnr.

after the execution of prgram,The message i m getting is ,Text 0000800000010000000010 ID Z001 language EN not found. and the execution stops there.

According to my collegues, even if the name is not availabe, it shud not stop the execution and name value shud come as blank.

I have checked into table stxh but not found the name value for the above mentioned criteia.

Pl help me....

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Answers (4)

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The data is not maintiend the table stxh.

moreover no item level texts are maintianed in the transaction.So i was unable to read the text.

The problem is now solved....

Thanks for ur cooperation.

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Goto that transaction code, then GOTO --> ITEM --> TEXT, tehn you will find all the item text, then double click on a Item texts, then a Line editor will open, there press GOTO --> HEADER, then a pop-up will open, there you will find all the options, you need to pass these options to the READ_TEXT function module.

For item texts, you need to do the concatinate with 00, then Number, then 0000 then Line item number.



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You can go to the text and click details tab below the editor ..

Click GoTo--> Header and you will see the actual parameters that should be passed for the document text to the function module Read_text ..

assign points if it helps.


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there is no text stored in the transaction vf03 in header texts.

but according to my collegues,even if it is blank it shud show blank name after execution.

Pl help

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SAPscript: Read text

In order to process text modules in application programs, all information about a text module must be transferred to internal work areas.

A text is read from the text file or text memory with this function module. It must be described fully by specifying OBJECT, NAME, ID, and LANGUAGE. Generic entries in these parameters are not valid.

When header information and text lines have been read successfully, they are transferred to the work areas HEADER and LINES

So, if the text is not available then what would the system read, there is nothing to read and hence it is getting failed....

So, first maintain the form or text module u want to read and then use this FM.



Reward all the helpful answers...