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My Inbox - Expert View - Task Title URL?

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Hi experts

We have a custom workflow scenario where managers are using the expert view of the My Inbox app to execute approvals.

We've noticed that the task title field seems to display values as hyperlinks. When I hover my mouse (and examine dev tools) the URL is simply the FLP home page, but clicking it actually does nothing.

It's not great UX to have text appear as a link and do nothing, so ideally I'd either like to make this a text field vs. a link field OR have it actually navigate to the work item.

ECC 6.8, NetWeaver 7.5 (14), SAP_UI 754 (11)

Any tips?


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Note: I have found this note 2955641 - Patch for My Inbox 1.23.15 - SAP for Me which describes my issue perfectly and seems to offer a solution. I am unsure, however, if this note can be applied as we are running 2.5.13. Would be grateful for any any guidance there.

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