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MVC - Stateless

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Hi @ all,

I have a problem to solve... I've got a BSP application with MVC which is in

stateful mode at the moment but I have to made it stateless now.

So does anyone have some tips for me f.e. how to hold the hole view data

over some requests or anything else I have to attend?

Greetz Matthias

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Hi Matthias,

to me it seems very strange to use MVC in stateless mode -

You could store youre data (fields, structures, tables) in a complex structure and set this structure in a server cookie when your coding is finished.

Use the static set/get methods of class cl_bsp_server_side_cookie.

Before you start to react on the user input you call the cookie via the get-method.

Regards, Bernd

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Hi Bernd,

I did it like that at the moment, you could store your data with export/import from/to memory in an xstring which you could save as a server cookie.

But if you use controller and modell classes then the model reference also will be destroyed after user action - it's tricky but it seems to works now. Thanks for your help

Regards Matthias