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Multisource universe in BOE 4.0

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Hello All - Can you please help me answer the following based on your knowledge and experience with BOE 4.0 Universe.


  1. What is the complexity of having a universe built from Multiple sources (ex - SQL server, Oracle etc..)
  2. Keeping SAP best practices in mind, from the design prospective when dealing with multisource database reporting, does it make sense to keep different universes for individual database and merge them at reporting, or leverage the new functionality in BOE 4.0 and bring in all datasources into one universe.
  3. If I have a universe object created on Oracle data base, and in the future i repoint this object to a different database, does that change the CUID.

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the complexity is that you need 2 or more relational connections, the data federation aps running on the biplatform, and an advanced universe designer consultant with deep knowledge of the various heterogenous sources. also knowledge of the data federation admin tool, with its powerful features.

merging at reporting-level can impact local calculation and rendering performance (i.e. webi or crystal processing).  it really depends of the types of sources & tables that you are joining, the nature of the join, and the data behind these schemas. this multisource processing effort will be delegated to the data federation aps.

in many cases it's easier for the analyst to create documents with multiple dataproviders. but if the business question is so frequently recurring.. then modelling into a single, dedicated source (multi source universe) may make sense.