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multiple records due to different multiproviders

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Hi Team,

       Please find the below scenario,  (IC - InfoCube)

IC1            IC2           IC2

Char1        KF2         KF3

KF 1          Char2      Char 3

In Report, We see the following result,

Char 1           Char 2         Char3           KF1       KF2       KF3

01/10/14        #                        #             Val11     -               -

#                    01/12/14            #              -            Val21        -

#                    #                     01/05/14     -             -           Val31

Instead, we need to have,

Char 1           Char 2       Char3       KF1       KF2      KF3

01/10/14        01/12/14    01/05/14    Val11     Val22   Val31

Can anyone help us, how to handle this requirement?

Can we handle this at the Query level?


Santhosh Kumar N

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Answers (7)

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Hi San,

you need to have at least one char that is the same in each cube to combine the data records.

You can try to work with constant selections as stated by Suman.

Or you change your data model and create an infoset including your 3 cubes.

This would probably be the easier option.



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Hi San,

1)Infoset will work for this requirement.Pass Char 1 to Char 2 and then to CHar 3 DSO to get the desired output.

2)The other way is to stamp Char 2 and Char 3 in Char 1 Cube....again we need to check how the Delta wil work.



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As replied before, try including both IC on top of a Multprovider and using constant selection.

Find useful information about that In this document:

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Dear san,

this is practical and basic query. You will get better solution if you try with different options after getting knowledge on Multi provider .

Read documents on Multi-provider and try in your system . If still you have concerns, post here.

All the best, Vijay

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Restrict your KFs with Char 1, Char2 and Char3 respectively as Constant Selection.

If this doesn't work, you will have to join 3 cubes with an Infoset. Then you will get single record.

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Hi San,

I think In query level  use Include and Exclude function

Hope it will help.

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You can search with the title "How to display result row in one line..".

But i doubt that will work in your scenario.Still you can read that and get some knowledge for future refernce.