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Multiple Columns within tableview column

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Hi All,

I need to display a tableview which will have multiple columns within a column. It is much like using 'fixedColumn' attribute in tableviewcolumn for rows.

Can a similar functionality be implemented for multiple columns?

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Welcome to SDN

check out the following links



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Answers (2)

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One method is already told you here is another method of doing this:

let say you want your third column to be another table do it like this with out using iterator

even you can control its display by embedding if... endif on layout

simply write this:

<htmlb:tableView id = "tbl"

table = "<%= itab %>"

selectionMode = "LINEEDIT"

columnHeaderVisible = "TRUE"

allRowsEditable = "FALSE" >

<htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName = "PERNR" title="Personnal No"/>

<htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName = "REQID" title="Request id"/>

<htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName = "user" type= "USER" title="another table">

<htmlb:tableView id = "tbl"

table = "<%= itab2 %>"

selectionMode = "LINEEDIT"

columnHeaderVisible = "TRUE"

allRowsEditable = "FALSE" />



where itab1 is main table and itab2 is another table displayed at column3.

itab1 and itab2 both are filled up internal tables.

if you want itab2(column3) to be displayed on some condition put if... endif condition prior to it.

remember giving type attribute of a tableviewcolumn = "USER" embeds next htmlb to that column as per defined.

Revert back for any problem or help,


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hi Rohit

You can definitely do this. What i mean is you can call a tableView within a tableView. A similar problem had also been discussed earlier and the solution was like this........

replace a column name 'TEMP' by a tableview. use factory method of class CL_HTMLB_TABLEVIEW to get a BEE object to replace.

create a reference of internal table into tabletype and assigned it to table of factory method as:

when 'TEMP'.

p_replacement_bee = CL_HTMLB_TABLEVIEW=>FACTORY(

id = p_cell_id

table = EMP_ref



emp_ref is type ref to TIHTTPNVP.

and emp is type TIHTTPNVP.

fill data in emp inside constructor.

and then created reference


prior to calling BEE replacement.

remember in factory methods we have to pass a reference of table type for TABLE.

This extract is from given below link.....


Mithlesh Kumar Jha