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Multiple BW Queries as datasource for crystal report

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Does Crystal 2008 support using two BW queries with a join as the datasource? Technically it works, but I am seeing performance issues. Is it because I am trying to use the software in a unsupported scenario? Is it recommended?

Currently we are using BOE 3.1 SP2 with Crystal 2008 to create reports on SAP BW 7.01 SPS08. The query on the BW side completes in a few minutes but the crystal report is taking about an hour to display when displayed on the BOE server.

Is this functionality enhanced in BI 4.0?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vineet,

it's not recommended to use multiple Queries as datasources in Crystal Reports - however - it's technically possible. We've seen performance issues with this configuration as well, especially if the queries are linked.

As a starting point I'd try to get an RSTT trace for your report and see if you can spot a difference in the MDX statement(s) executed against the BW system.

Also, I would recommend upgrading from SP2 as there are many issues resolved since then. We are currently on SP5 and I would at least recommend upgrading to SP3 FP3.6 , if not SP5.

Best regards,


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Answers (1)

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Moved to Bi Integration Kit forum.

Search here, lots of info on this.