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Move spool data from one system to another SAP System

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Hi All

I would like to know if it's possible in standard to move some spool data from one system to another SAP System and be able to read them via SP01 in this another SAP System ?

For your information, the source system and the target are in the same SAP release version, same database version and same OS version.

Thanks a lot



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Except if you do an homogeneous system copy, I don't think that what you wan to do is possible.

I don't also see in which case somebody would ever have this strange need...



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Well, I need to archive legal reports from the first sap system (let's call it DZ6) on archiving server, and retrieve this archived legal reports (printlist) on the second first sap system (let's call it DZ7) which is a DZ6 evolution. Because the system DZ6 will be erase, we must do it (regulation)

I think there is 2 solutions :

- I archive the printlist from DZ6 and I remove the linktable T0A01 on DZ7, I don't know if it's possible. because I need to retrieve the reports from transaction OADR on DZ7.

- Or I remove the created spools from DZ6 to DZ7 and I archive on DZ7. So I also don't know if we can remove spools from a sap system to another (same sap version 4.6) then use it.

When you archive legal reports, you create spool and then you archive from this spool.

Thanks a lot.

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sorry I don't understand....

Why is your system been replace by another one?.... what are you using to archive print lists?

Usually a system evolution comes in the shape of an upgrade not by replacing the system with another one with a different SID.



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Thanks for the explanation of the requirement which still seems strange to me.

We also have to archive legal data.

For this we use the legal reports to generate files on the file system. Some are SAP standard reports, others are custom XML files (to be independant from technology and be able to reread these files 30 years later...)

The files are then stored on a specialised legal archiving server (not SAP technology).

You speak about OADR so I understand that, in fact, you seem to use the Print list archiving funtionality and want to be able to display these archived print lists from an other system.

I' ve done it with a system refresh of the second system.

If you can't refresh the second system, you have to find a way (specific program ? transport ?) to update the link table TOA0x in the second system.



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Sorry, I know my problem is a little difficult, if not I won't ask you

So Juan, Christian,

Let's me give you more detail.

In fact, we have an old Sap Production system which is no more used at this time (DZ6). It will disappear in future.

Now the need is to archive legal reports (spools) of this old Production System DZ6.

The next need is to be able to retrieve/display this archived legal reports on the current Production System (DZ7)

In a great world I wouldn't have any problems but...

I would like to do it in standard not to develop program, but it seems very difficult...

The steps are :

1. create spool then archive it using OAM1

2. retrieved it with OADR transaction

The question is

Can we perform step 1 on DZ6 then step 2 on DZ7 ?

which one of these solutions is possible on standard SAP? and how to do it?

- moving spool: I move spool from DZ6 to DZ7, and I archive from DZ7.

- moving link table : I archive from DZ6 and I move the links from DZ6 to DZ7, and retrieve the archived reports wih OADR.

- move spool with specific program....that I don't want to do.

is there a solution in SAP standard????

Thanks very much for your help.

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Kindly how have you solved the problem ?

kind regards,