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Modify and transport running workflows across different versions

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Hi experts,

Background of problem:

1. We are working on data migration for a system that has been running for more than 10 years and was poorly maintained.

2. Currently there is an existing custom workflow which triggers upon ViewCreated event of BUS1001006 in a loop until a specific plant view is maintained. (this is justifiable for the client's existing business processes)

3. We do not want this event to trigger during our migration as we are extending up to 100 thousands lines of materials to different plants. We have seen major performance hiccup when we were doing this in QA system.
4. Since there is no event linkage for this event, our temporary solution is to insert a dummy task which will pause the workflow after the first plant extension by using requested start time.


1. In PRD there are thousands of workflow item running across different versions and we are not allowed to cancel them. I have read that any changes will generate new version upon transport.


1. Is there a way modify and transport different versions of a workflow in one transport?

2. Alternatively is there a way to temporarily deactivate this ViewCreated event?

Thanks and Regards.

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ViewCreated is a standard event that SAP has delivered. If you do not want the current workflow template to start in the future when this event is raised, you can deactivate the WF by going into the WF header (PFTC_CHG) in your Dev environment, and go to Triggering Events. Deactivate the event linkage from there. Generate a new version and save.Yes, it will create a transport.

When this transport is applied to Production, the workflows that are currently in process should keep processing until they reach their natural end. No new workflows would get started, because you've deactivated the event linkage.

Hope this helps,