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Modify an InfoSpoke

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Dear Experts,

Good Day.

Is it possible to modify the values in the selection tab of InfoSpoke in the production environment, which has been transported from the dev system?

To put it more clearly, we can able to change the selection in the extraction tab of an infopackage, which has been transported from the dev system.

Likewise, is it possible for infospoke selection also?

Any suggestions is deeply appreciated.



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Answers (3)

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Hi Harish,

Not sure if this has been answered already.

But only if its an urgent need and if you have access to transport connection in Administrator workbench,, use the 'Object Changeability' option and updat the selection for object SPOK to 'everything changeable'. Please be sure to change it back after its resolved.

Also, as advised by other in this post, please transport the required change if the need is not urgent.



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you can, but its not recommended to open a system but if u need it on the fly then do what was suggested by ganesh but still make the changes to your development box and transport it with overwrite options... if you cannot open prd ......otherwise change it in development and transport it.

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Hi Harish,

This access is based on Company how they decide. If you want you can get access from SAP Basis/Security team. You can try to change selection tab and then as soon as it gives error capture su53 t-code screen this information will give object details to Basis/Security who can configure same to roles you are using.