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Model/Sample organization disappears

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We used std. org.model by SAP to create org. and assignments.It worked earlier and suddenly disappeared in PPOMA_CRM and no more retrievable or visible(Blank screen).

How to get back the original supplied std.model org. back

Any inputs pl.

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Answers (3)

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I'm with same issue..

In Tr. PFAC_RESPO the status is yellow : Responsibility incomplete..

Anybody have a suggestion for this ?


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this yellow status just means, that you did not fill all Criterias in the Responsibiliy Specs. I just filled every Line with a "*" and the status changed to green.



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Thanks Raquel .But Already followed note and the access sequence is empty for action so that it should follow the rule.

Any other miss?

Thanks Sri.

Already configured the rule as per note.checked again .

Still same

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Did you try searching? It cannot disappear until and unless u delete it.You have to re create it? you cannot get it back if its deleted. Any difficulties, Feel Free to revert back.


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Thanks for the reply.

When I search with even '*' the result is none except with a new organizational unit icon and no earlier model or heirarchy(sample model ) is visible.

(earlier I have adopted this smaple org. model and created poistion,user,etc only below that nodes)

I haven't deleted it either.

But these org. entities are visible in trx.PO10.

and PFAC rule assig nment pop tab.

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But Not the org. entities or heirarchy in PPOMA_CRM

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This just to give feed back as it may be help others.

The Org. model is back intact.

It disappeared some time ago.

In PPOMA_CRM it used display only one 'new' org. entity,yet to be created.

After much effort to get it back,finally

I 'switched'between CRM>BBP views from the menu Go to>switch views.

Then org. unit I excuted,Serach by 'Structure search'.

The Org. model created earlier is back intact!.


Now,the remaining problem is the message created is not automatically ssigned to the '1st. level team'.

I have configured the rule--responsibilty for rule 13200137 with '1st level support'

The action profile is SLFN0001_ADVANCED,with step


'1st level support' org. unit is defined as 'Object permitted in detrmination' in attributes.

Partner det. procedure is SLFN0001.(Std. config is not changed).

The message is not still assigned to support team.

Any ideas pl.

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Hello Ragh,

Try checking the Responsibility configurations are complete in via the transaction PFAC_RESPO.

Let me know if this input is helpful.



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Hi Ragh,

Did you take a look at SAP Note 616946? It shows how to configure support team determination via SAP Component. Is that what you need? If so, take a look at the note and check if something is missing.

The note mentions SolMan 3.1, but I have done the same for SolMan 4.0 SolMan and 3.2 and it works as well.