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Missing rights for BO Version Management

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Dear experts,

I am Administrator of my BO Platform, and I use regularly the CMC Version Management tool. I can see stuff to be versioned like reports, universes, etc

Our developers have access to the CMC, and use regularly the Promotion Management tool.

I encouraged them to use the Version Managemet as well, and then they told me that they don't see the available stuff to be versioned.

Do you know what is right that is allowing the Developers to see items to be versioned?

I show you how it looks for Administrators and how it looks for Developers (they cant see anything to be versioned)

Thanks a lot, best regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Under "CMC -> Application -> Version Management" add principals (group of dev.) and assign "full control" to the principal


I hope it helps

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