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Missing objects from library R3SIDDATA after homogeneous system copy

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After system copy and when activated de mimix replications, this show some warnings because 4 objects are missing from the library R3SIDDATA in the target system  and they exists in the source system.

I try to find some information about this object but without luck.



This are the objects:

Data Group         Library                File                    Member           Current

R3SID             R3SIDDATA     "/AS50037"              *ALL              *ACTIVE

R3SID             R3SIDDATA    MDG_B50023           *ALL              *ACTIVE     

R3SID             R3SIDDATA    MLICHECK               *ALL              *ACTIVE

R3SID             R3SIDDATA    QCM8Z50000           *ALL              *ACTIVE

Can someone tell me why this objects are missing? or if this objects are important and should be inside the replications?.

Thank you.

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Answers (1)

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Dear Ana Cristina;

I never used MIMIX replication; but I had a similar experience with Rocket iCluster; and because both replicated objects through the journals; I suggest reviewing the journal configuration parameter with the following command:


You must validate that the "Minimize data entry" parameter is set to *NONE, this parameter is usually set to *FILE

I hope I was able to help you.


Henry Orellana

SAP NetWeaver Administrator

IBM i Administrator.