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Missing functions in BEx 7

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Hi specialists,

I'm missing some functions in BEx 7 which I know from BEx 3.5 and hope you could show me where I can find them now:

BEx 3.5 had a function "All queries in workbook"-->"Delete results". I can't find something similar in BEx 7.

And in 3.5 it was possible to choose if you want to refresh all queries in a workbook or just one special query. In BEx 7.0 there seems only to be the possibility to refresh all queries, which might be quite time-consuming and last much longer that it is needed.

The function "Return to global definitions on refresh" (query-functions) seems to be gone as well (or at least I didn't find it yet).

Could you please gimme some hint what happened to the mentioned functions?

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Answers (2)

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Did you ever determine if the "Return to global definition on refresh" option is available in BEx 7?  I tried to access the link noted above ( but it is apparently no longer active.



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Hi Hal,

don't know if yor question is still unanswered, but you will find something simular like the option "Return to global definition on refresh" when you open "Workbook Settings" in BEx Analyzer XL-addin. Choose your data provider in the tab "Data Providers" and than click on "Properties". Now you can check the "Restore Initial Query View on Refresh" option.



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Information regarding "Refresh individual queries within a workbook

(Single DataProvider Refresh)" is already available in "Functional

Enhancements Schedule BI in NW2004s".

You can visit the BI Site:

> Functional Enhancements Schedule BI in NW7.0(2004s).

This document will serve as the central communication channel for SAP

NetWeaver BI feature requests from now on.Please consult this document

on a regular basis to get notified about a status change of your



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Hi Rodrigo,

thanks a lot for that hint/link !

I was shocked a bit, when I read that one could give BEx 7.0 an "under construction" seal (depending on that list), but it answers at least part of my question!