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Missing Charts in DHTML View (BO 4.2)

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I have a problem when displaying a DHTML view of a report: Any charts contained are missing, and I don't get any error messages. The image part only not loaded.

<div ret="4" bid="127827" plugin_name="" plugin_version="1.0" idref="VCp.VDJ" style="position:absolute;left:10px;top:180px;width:725px;height:300px;" <!--="============================================================" webintelligence(r)="" report="" panel="" copyright(c)="" 2001-2005="" business="" objects="" s.a.="" all="" rights="" reserved="" use="" and="" support="" of="" this="" software="" is="" governed="" by="" the="" terms="" conditions="" license="" agreement="" policy="" or="" its="" subsidiaries.="" products="" technology="" are="" protected="" us="" patent="" number="" 5,555,403="" 6,247,008="============================================================" --=""> </div>

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