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Minimum Client Install for .net crystal viewer

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Currently we deploy the crystal 10 client (CrystalDecisionsRedist2005_x86.msm) for our .net application. It is 25mb.

We wish to move to crystal 11.5 and use the 11.5 merge module CrystalReports11_5_NET_2005.msm.

Problem is this is quite a large file (81mb) and as such will cause us deployment issues.

Is there any way of reducing the size of the file(s) we need to deploy as we only need the viewer functionaility? (the report itself is produced on a server)

thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi John,

The merge modules don't really offer any customization to reduce their footprint.


Dan Kelleher

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