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MIMIX and XI 3.0

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Hi All,

We're setting up replication for XI 3.0 which was installed as a ABAP + Java system. We have the MIMIX datagroups defined as follows. Is there anything else that we should be replicating or excluding?













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Answers (2)

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Thanks Barbara and Volker,

We'll dial back the exclude for the Java central instance to just the log and work files that are locked and can't be replicated.

















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Hello Stan,

is there a specific reason why you exclude global and the central instance directory? In the ABAP world, the filesystem could be recreated with tools very easily, but in the Java world, some information is located in the fs.

Best regards, Barbara

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Hi Barbara,

yes, that is exactly the problem of these tools in Java environments ...

You exclude the global directory because of the joblogs. If you replicate them, they are shortly locked because of the backup in order to move it over, but SAP is trying to access it several times and then sees CPE3029 (ressource busy) and crashes the batch job :-((

To exclude the complete instance directory is a bit too much, but e.g. the work directory I would exclude as well.

Now, you see the problems when you try to make a java environment HA - at least if Java crashes similar to the SAP batch jobs, when the files cannot be accessed ...


Volker Gueldenpfennig, - -