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Migration of SAP HANA from OnPrem to Microsoft Azure

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Hi all,

Our client would like to migrate SAP HANA from OnPrem to Microsoft Azure, and they have posed the following questions for assessment:

1.        What is the required bandwidth of user/office to access the SAP on the cloud?

2.        Are there an application needs to install on the end users Laptop/Desktop?

3.        How will the SAP cloud connect to the on-prem servers e.g., AD, custom built App, Print server etc.,

4.        How does the application works? Is it locally installed or web-based?

5.        What will happen to the existing perpetual license of GMC if they will subscribe to a new services (SaaS or IaaS)

6.        Who will do the version upgrade for the DR?

7.        Will there be a downtime if you upgrade the DR?

8.        How will the remote users access the SAP Cloud?

9.        How will the replication be done from Cloud to On-Prem DR? How much bandwidth is needed?

10.   What if we need to add or remove additional licenses? Who will setup and how?

11.   Do we need to buy a separate license for DR access, or we can use the prod license?

12.   Is the current license can still use for the latest version of SAP or it is only for the current version of SAP?

13.   If the customize app connected to the SAP via API?

14.   who will migrate the customize app if needed to move in the cloud?

15.   Is the SAP module can be run on the latest version of SAP?

16.   How does the user interact/use the custom applications and SAP? Is it installed on the clients or via web?

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