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Migration from Oracle (SI/FS) to Oracle (Oracle RAC using ASM)

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Our customer is looking to migrate their SAP systems currently running Oracle SI/FS databases installed on SerivceGuard packages (platform Linux RHEL 6.9) to Oracle on Oracle RAC using ASM (Linux RHEL 7.x).

We were considering the below two approaches before we were made aware of the target environment using Oracle RAC with ASM.

  • 1.Upgrade Oracle to 12c on source servers, install SAP installations on target servers with Oracle 12c and then migrate to target servers via sys copy.
  • Or
  • 2.Install SAP installations on target servers with Oracle 12c and then migrate to target servers using db independent tools for copy (export/import tools)

The move to Oracle RAC seems to have complicated the migration approach and the current advice from one of our dba experts is that we will need to follow approach:

1) disable serviceguard on source

2) Upgrade Oracle to Oracle on source server

3) Install Oracle binaries on target server

4) Homogeneous copy to target

5) Convert to Oracle RAC

We however have some concerns over this approach due to the requirement to build a SI/FS configuration in the customer’s new environment … creating substantial additional effort for our customer.

SAP do not yet have any best practice documents available for such a move.

For those with experience or knowledge in performing migrations from Oracle SI/FS to Oracle RAC using ASM, I would very much appreciate if you could share any information and advice on how you performed such a move and maybe how we might progress in our particular migration scenario.



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Hi Jan,

I checked a lot for SAP document, yes, SAP lacks of such document for convert to rac, etc.

Why not try use r3load to do a heterogeneous system copy? By doing this, we have full support from SAP (sap system copy guide), also the direction is simple, no upgrade no covert to rac.

The only concern for r3load is the speed, you may test that to check whether afford the speed.

Best regards,