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Migration CPI Tenant content from one region to other region in NEO environment

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When we started our SAP BTP journey, CPI capability was available in NEO environment ROTH region (without HA/DR capability). Later SAP delivered HA/DR capabilities in Frankfurt Region. So we have two tenants in CPI, one in ROTH (which has our previous integration scenarios) and another in Frankfurt (which has integration scenarios after we enabled it). Now we want to get rid of this duplicate accounts, we are planning t migrate data from ROTH to Frankfurt region within NEO environment. We could not find documentation how we can perform this.

- Is there any sAP Note which talks about CPI migration from one region to other within NEO (Note#2852400 does not have much information)

- Are there standard migration tools?

- How to migrate content?

- How to migrate integrations scenarios)

- What change needs to be done on applications which are using these CPI tenants?


Hitesh Kumar

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Hi Hitesh, sorry, this is not an answer but another question. What do you mean by CPI HA/DR capabilities in the Frankfurt region? We've already got our CPI tenants there and I'd like to understand how we can utilise additional HA/DR capabilities (if there are any, of course).



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Hi Hitesh,

To migrate the contents from one tenant to another tenant, postman could be a good choice. You can refer to the below blog and check the steps.

This blog is written for migrating the contents from Neo to Cloud foundry but the same steps you can perform for Neo to Neo migration.

Another way is to manually export and import the packages and then deploy all the iflows to the target tenant. You have to export the packages on your local machine and then import it to the another tenant.

For migrating security materials like user credentials and certificates, postman will be a better choice as it saves a lot of time.


Dharmendra Kumar